Bev Pettit is a USA based fine art photographer. She has been creating fine art photographs for over 25 years. While living and working in Asia throughout the 1990s, she set her sights on photographing the people in their everyday lives as she traveled the cities and villages in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Thailand and Malaysia. Her travels and work took her to England in 1996 where she spent another three years creating more unique images.

With a college degree in fine art and through corporate work overseas, photography was a significant part of her career as an artist. In 2001 she returned to her home country. Growing up in a small rural community in the Midwest kept her love of animals and a slower paced life alive throughout her years abroad. After settling back into her favored rural lifestyle in Arizona ranch country she began to photograph what she loves the most: horses and the culture of the West.

Since then, her work has been recognized throughout the world. She has been invited to exhibit in numerous art shows, galleries and museums at home and overseas. Her work graces the walls of fine art collectors worldwide. Today Bev enjoys helping people find that perfect image to complement their homes or offices. Her images are for sale as signed, fine art prints. She offers various sizes, from small to large, to fit her client's needs. Prints are sold as loose paper prints using the finest archival materials. However, she will also work with you to provide metal prints, canvas giclees, or acrylic face mount prints in a variety of sizes.