Photography became a significant part of my life as an artist when I moved to Hong Kong in 1991. I lived in Asia for over six years. This is where I bought my first camera so that I could document the colorful lives of the Asian people. I backpacked throughout villages in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Thailand and Malaysia with a Minolta film camera and as many rolls of film that I could carry in a back pack. Traveling by motorcycle, bicycle and bus allowed me to have close contact with the people and experience their culture first hand. After six years in Asia I moved to London where I spent another three years before returning to my home country, the United States.

Growing up in a small rural community in Minnesota, I have always admired and respected animals along with a much slower lifestyle. After settling on a small ranch in Arizona in 1999 I began to photograph what inspires me the most: horses and the people, flora and fauna of southwestern United States.

My specialty is horses. Particularly wild horses but I love to photograph both wild and domestic horses. 

I believe the most important thing to think about when photographing your chosen subject is to have patience, lots of it. Take your time when you’re out with your camera. Wait for that perfect shot when the lighting is just right and the scene is set just the way you want it to be. For my wild horse images I will spend long, ten-hour days, many times up to four or five days at a time, with the herds so that I can watch their patterns and try to capture the essence of these beautiful creatures. I hope to tell a story within each image.

I have been fortunate in that my work has been recognized throughout the world. I have exhibited in numerous art shows, galleries and museums at home and abroad. I enjoy helping people find that perfect image to complement their homes or offices. My images are for sale as signed, fine art prints. I offer various sizes, from small to large, to fit your needs. Prints are sold as loose paper prints using the finest archival materials. I will also work with you to provide custom metal prints, canvas giclees, or acrylic face mount prints in any size to fit your space.